15' Solo/Tandem Canoe

Ami is a 15-foot version of the Mon amie. Its name is French for “friend” or “pal” as both of these models are inspired by the Chestnut Pal.

I was looking for a canoe I could portage into out-of-the-way lakes for fishing. I wanted something that I could handle myself for solo camping trips yet would also accommodate a partner in day-excursions. It had to have good initial stability to support the occasional cast from a standing position, yet also paddle well and be seaworthy.

Eureka! I have found it – this canoe does all that and more. It is surprisingly nimble and fast for a 15′ canoe with good initial stability. Very responsive paddled solo and tandem.  The prototype was set up with a sliding bow seat that slides to the yoke and can be used to trim the canoe paddling solo facing the stern (why didn’t I think of this sooner?).

Moderate tumblehome, 1-1/2″ of rocker with a shallow-arched bottom.


Length 15'
Width at gunwale 33"
Width at beam34"
Width at 4" WL 33"
Weight: 50-55 lbs.
Depth at midships12.5"
Height at ends21 1/2"

Starting at $4395

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Ami Photos

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