16'10" Tandem Canoe

Emily is a replica of a canoe built by the E.M. White Company of Old Town, Maine, circa 1920.

I had the opportunity to repair one that was in excellent condition. The hull struck me as the “near-perfect” shape for a canoe. It has a very sweet shallow arch and a bit of tumble home. The sheer line sweeps artfully up to the gently re-curved stems. This canoe depicts the grace of a traditional canoe without the overly exagerated bows of many.

I build this canoe either as it was originally built with a peaked deck plate or with a deck more similar to our other models. It originally had a small thwart between the bow seat and the bow deck, which can be replicated or it can be built with the customary handle thwarts we do on all our canoes.

Emily is truly a joy to paddle. Its flowing curves from the shallow-arched bottom to its tumble-homed sides, and fine entry make paddling this boat seem effortless.

Moderate tumblehome, 1-1/4″ of rocker with a shallow arched hull


Width at gunwale: 34"
Width at beam: 35"
Width at 4" WL 33"
Weight65 lbs.
Depth at midships: 13"
Height at ends: 25"

Starting at $4995

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Emily Photos

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