Gardner Guide

17'10" Tandem Canoe

This is the wood and canvas canoe Gardner Ellis commissioned to be built.

He wanted a canoe that was stable enough for poling, large enough for an extensive excursion, seaworthy and didn’t weigh too much. Most of all, it had to paddle well.

The E. M. White Guide Canoe immediately came to mind, though it was bigger than Ellis wanted, and heavier. In Minnesota we have the need, every so often, to pick up our canoes and carry them – sometimes over steep, rocky portage trails like those found in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Gardner’s canoe came in under 70 lbs. and he was pleased.

This canoe has become our staple wilderness tripping canoe and also the favorite family canoe for people with small children not ready to paddle their own canoe. If the canoe is to be used in rocky rivers many order optional floor ribs to protect the planking between the full-length ribs.

Moderate tumblehome, 1-1/2″ of rocker with a shallow arched hull.


Length: 17'10"
Width at gunwale: 35 1/4"
Width at beam: 35 7/8"
Width at 4" WL 33 3/4"
Weight: 70 lbs.
Depth at misdhips: 13"
Height at ends: 23 1/2"

Starting at $5095

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